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Becoming a Kidpreneur

There's a lot to know and learn! The resources below are a great place to start.

Most of the lessons you'll learn during your experience with the Lubbock Children's Business Fair will happen without you even knowing it, as you try to figure out this whole entrepreneurship thing while you make your way through the process! Even so, you can do some research along the way by reading a book, playing a game or doing some online learning to get you on the right path!


We've put together a number of resources for you. You'll find them all right here! 


Happy learning!


Coffee Shop

Name your coffee shop, buy supplies, make the perfect brew, and set the price. Can you please your customers and make a profit

Price Point

At what price should you sell your product to customers? What is you have competitors?

Galactic Zappers

Can you assemble zappers more quickly and efficiently?

Robo Rush

Do you have what it takes to upgrade your business from door-to-door to factory floor?

Fistful of Dollars

Once you’ve mastered Galactic Zappers, play Fistful of Dollars to learn how to manage your cash and working capital.

Lemonade Standoff

Can you find the right product and the right price to win in the lemonade market?


The Secret Millionaires Club is an animated series that features Warren Buffett as a mentor to a group of entrepreneurial kids whose adventures lead them to encounter financial and business problems to solve. The program teaches the basics of good financial decision making and some of the basic lessons of starting a business. Check out the full playlist HERE.

Business Plan

From bizKID$, this worksheet helps young entrepreneurs think about marketing (from the name of their business to who they will sell it to) and financials (including materials, pricing and profit). is a news and information portal for teen entrepreneurs, investors, inventors, and their grownups. Information includes getting started and developing a business plan.


Love reading? Check out the books below!

Happy Kids with Books

Financial Literacy

Learn what to do with your money after you earn it!

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