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Video Pitch Competition

Confirmed  Kidpreneurs Only!

This year we are having a Kidpreneur Video Pitch Competition! The competition is voluntary but we highly recommend that all Kidpreneurs participate.



What is a Video Pitch Competition?

A Video Pitch Competition is a pitch competition where video is the method used to deliver the pitch! In a video pitch, you record yourself performing your product/sales pitch. Once you're happy with your delivery, you submit the video to us in order to compete for a big cash prize! The best part with a video pitch is that you can record it as many times as necessary to get it just right before submitting!


Why should I participate?
Because participating is AWESOME!

  1. It's a super awesome learning opportunity!

  2. You could win an awesome $100 cash!

  3. You'll have an awesome video to help you advertise your business to family/friends!

  4. We'll have an awesome video to share on our social pages to advertise your business to the community!

  5. It's awesomely FUN!

When are videos due and how do I submit mine?

Videos are due by October 14, 2023. You are required to submit your video to our email address through either Google Drive or WeTransfer (it's free!)

What is the maximum length and size of the video?

The video can be up to 90 seconds long and up to 2GB large.

What format does the video need to be?

Recording the video with a phone is works great! Recording in portrait orientation will make social media sharing easier. The video must be in one of the following formats:

  • .MOV

  • .MPEG4

  • .MP4

  • .AVI

What should I title my video?

Your video must be titled: Your Business Name - Kidpreneur LBK Video Pitch Competition 2023

What does the winner receive?

Everyone who participates is a winner! You will win a video you can use for your marketing, have fun and learn a lot! Our judges will decide on a top winner in each category based on a few qualities outlined below, The top winners will receive a $100 cash prize (per business)!

Are there age categories?

Yes! 6-11 and 12-18. If you are in a team of 2 or 3 kidpreneurs, your age category is determined by the age of the oldest kidpreneur on your team.

What are we being judged on?
The judges will watch your video and mark you on the following five qualities. 

  1. Pitch content (Did you follow the pitch outline found below? Was your pitch informative?)

  2. Confidence (Did you come across as a confident and knowledgeable about your product/service? Did you speak loudly and clearly?)

  3. Creativity (How creative was your pitch? Was it entertaining, funny, different in some way?)

  4. Attitude (Were you smiling? Did you project excitement about product/service/the fair?)

  5. Overall Effectiveness (Did your pitch make the judge want to check our your booth at the fair?)

    *For this pitch competition, you will not be judged on your product/service idea, only on the delivery of the pitch.

Who will be judging the competition?

Local entrepreneurs/business mentors will be judging the competition. The same mentors will be judging all of the video entries. 

Will I get feedback on my pitch?

Our goal is to be able to provide you with some feedback from the mentor judges. We will have more information related to this closer to the deadline. 

Will my results be kept confidential?

Definitely! Only the winner in each category will be announced.

Are there any rules I need to follow?

Of course! 

  1. You must submit your video by the end of the day (midnight) on October 14, 2023. There will be no exceptions or extensions.

  2. The video cannot be longer than 90 seconds and must be less than 2GB in size. 

  3. The video must be in a format that we can use: .MOV, .MPEG4, .MP4, .AVI

  4. You must title your video with the following title: Your Business Name - Kidpreneur LBK Video Pitch Competition 2023

  5. You must submit your video to us through Google Drive or by using WeTransfer to the email address

  6. Participants must write their pitch and deliver it on their own. Parent supervision and support is recommended, but kidpreneurs are required to do as much as possible on their own (not only does this make the competition more fair it also becomes an amazing learning opportunity for the kidpreneurs).

  7. Please submit one video per business. If you are in a team of 2-3 kidpreneurs, you will need to work together to create one video. {Parents: if you have multiple children that are participating in separate businesses, please submit the videos individually to avoid confusion.)

Will the videos be posted online?

Yes! The videos will be shared on our social media pages. By entering the contest and submitting your video, you allow us to use your video online to market the fair and advertise your business. 

When will the winners be announced?

The two winners (one in each age category) will be announced at the fair during the Opening Ceremonies. 

How do I write a pitch for this competition?

We're looking for a specific kind of sales pitch for this competition! Please see below for an outline of what you should include in yours.

Video Pitch Outline

For the purpose of this competition, you'll need to include the following points in your pitch!

  1. Your first name(s)

  2. What your business does/sells (show your product!)

  3. How your business is unique/different from your competitors; share something interesting about you and/or your business/product!

  4. A call out for viewers to come to the Lubbock Children's Business Fair on  Nov 4th, to visit your business

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